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FadeText is a Mac OS X screensaver that displays text, fading in and out like caption. You can set fonts, fade speed, colors and freeze time of it.
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In 2010, FadeText has its iPhone/iPad universal app. Visit the FadeText iPhone/iPad app page for more information.

I have requests asking how to input text into the screensaver through command line or writing to a file. Sorry, it’s not supported. But you may want to give Manage FadeText screensaver from the command line a try. I didn’t write that script, and I’m not sure whether or not it will work. I always want to give FadeText an update, but never get time to do so, sorry.


Version 1.3.1, require Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later, Snow Leopard compatible.
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If you prefer earlier version 1.3 which was released in 2006, here is the backup download:
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Support development and donate a few bucks via PayPal. Thank you!
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Randomized flashcards

It might be useful to people studying a foreign language in which randomized flashcards could be used. A nice idea from Charles Kelly.

Free Japanese-English Flash Card Screen Saver for Macintosh (FadeText)

And Tatoeba, a large database of example sentences translated into several languages and more.


FadeText is a freeware. FadeText is provided with no warranty expressed or implied. Use at your own risk. By using this program, you agree not to hold me liable for any damages or losses you may suffer due to use of this program.